My passion to travel to all corners of the country constantly is an eye opening experience, often leading me to forgotten and often neglected sites, each image that I capture represents an important element of my own self- discovery. With a deep connection to the land, the architecture and also the people in the region; these findings continue to shape my philosophy as a photojournalist and reinforces my bond to my personal history and roots.

Kashmir Smast

Tomb in Multan

Uch Sharif

Mohenjo Daro

Mohenjo Daro 2

Abbasi Royal Graveyard, Bahawalpur

Umar Hayat mansion, Chiniot

Qissa Khawani, Peshawar

Old Karachi


Sands of Time, Derawar Fort

Shahjehan Mosque, Sindh

Makli Graveyard

Sethi haveli, Peshawar

Takht Bai

Old Karachi

Old doors montage